Kill This Obsession and Find Yourself

You’re in middle school and you just received your term results; English - A , French - A, Arts - A , Science - B, Maths- C. If your parents were the type to sign you up for extra lessons, which course were you likely to study that summer? Like most people I know, you probably studied maths.

Why is this the case? HUMANS ARE OBSESSED WITH WEAKNESSES. We’re always trying to be experts at things we’re not really good at. I believe the key to success is focusing on the things that come naturally to you and therefore inherently suited for. Keep in mind that you still have to work at being good at something you’re naturally inclined towards, otherwise it’s called a hobby. But, the advantage you have with doing something that comes naturally to you is that you'll be more motivated and you therefore stand a higher chance of developing a passion for it. Having this passion is important because it pushes you to overcome challenges in the specific area and ultimately you'll become an expert in the field.

You’ll find that a lot of successful people (depending on how you define success, whether its by recognition, renumeration or happiness) have focused on developing the skills and abilities that come naturally to them. Ansel Adams (widely known as the father of modern photography), did not get to where he is now in the minds of others, by learning how to sing.

So, what’s the point of all this, I’d like to share with you a way in which you can find out what your strengths are. I’ve taken numerous strength finder tests and this is by far my favorite. I am sure people can come up with a number of things they think are wrong with it but it's up to you to try it and decide if it's worth your further consideration. I definitely thought it was.

It’s called the Gallup Strength’s Finder << >>

When I got my test results, I suddenly understood more about myself and why I behaved in certain ways. I had just discovered something precious and so had the 23 other people in the workshop that day and the 13 million before us who have taken the test.

My top 5 strengths according to Gallup:

  1. Restorative

  2. Communication

  3. Significance

  4. Deliberative

  5. Responsibility

Guess which one of these I liked the least?

I did not expect to have a strength I didn't like. But at the end of the day, it was spot on and as much as I tried to deny it, I could identify it in my everyday life and goals. Seeing it on paper makes it harder to deny and at this point I have fully embraced it as part of who I am.

Keep in mind, the test did not tell me who I am based on a few questions. It helped shed light on my dominant characteristics so that I can harness them for better chances of being successful. If you want to stop chasing waterfalls and get better at being you, I recommend you take Gallup's Strengths Finder test.

You can thank me later.

Do you agree that we're obsessed with weaknesses? Can you think of areas in your life where this is the case?

Oops I said it🙊,


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