Chuku's Nigerian Tapas Lounge

(L-R) Vegan Moi-Moi, Plantain Pot, Coconut Fried Rice, Kuli Kuli Chicken

A combination of my busy student life and her jet-setting professional life meant I hadn't seen a friend of mine in a while. So, when she messaged me saying we should go to a Nigerian pop-up restaurant in East London, I was happy to set a date.

The night before we met up, I read and watched a bunch of photography lessons online while undoing my box braids, by myself, for 2.5 hours 🙄 #OneOfTheReasonsImHappyToMoveBackHome. By the time I finished my hair, I was feeling pretty good about my new "skills" and couldn't wait to practice them.

Feeling overly confident on my way out to dinner, I grabbed my Nikon D5300, unscrewed the 18-55mm starter lens and replaced it with the 50mm lens which, according to the pros is great for food photography. It's also a fixed lens which means ZERO zoom capacity.

Ofcourse, I overestimated my abilities 😂 I should've just taken the basic lens with me 😞

As usual in London, as soon as I stepped outside it started pouring. I thought about cancelling but it was too late at that point.

Slight detour...

I got to canvas café a few minutes early. I explored for a bit and ended up at a gallery. Some students were having a final exhibition. It wasn't open to the general public but I finessed my way in 😉

This piece caught my eye. It was such a short visit, I did't remember to take a picture of the name. I wonder how the artist got all those buttons. It would be great if they were already made but chances are they were printed individually. All for the love of art.

Can you guess what the subject is just from the first picture below?

Hint: What do all these words have in common?

If your guess is related to society's view of women, you're absolutely correct!

It's a brilliant depiction of the madonna-whore complex

Back to the café...

It wasn't until we settled in at Canvas Café (Shoreditch) and got the menu that I realized where I was. Chuku's! The Nigerian tapas restaurant I had seen so much about on Facebook and IG.


Started off with some cinnamon flavored chin chin- I'm not a fan of chin chin but these were delicious

"crunches like a biscuit and tastes like a cake"

We ordered close to half of the menu. The food came in about 15-20 mins. Most of the dishes we ordered were tasty. The prawn suya (unfortunately not pictured here) and Kuli Kuli chicken were my faves. I usually love moi-moi but I wasn't feeling their vegan version of it. However, my friend's pescatarian and she loved the moi-moi. We also ordered the chin chin cheesecake dessert, which I took to go because I filled up on the tapas.

Reasons to visit Chuku's

1. Great Nigerian food

2. Ifeyinwa and Emeka were both wonderful hosts. They were super friendly. I ended up talking to Ifeyinwa about her natural hair journey.

3. Won't break the bank

4. Not yet convinced? Read 1,2,3 again ☺️

If you're in London, definitely be on the lookout for their future locations.


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