What Happened Last Week?

I wanted to film part of the content on ATTICS but I wasn’t sure which category it would be/ where to start. I was inspired while prepping for an interview to make a short video recapping the past week’s top news stories #commercialawareness

Thank you to everyone who made this happen. Several youtube tutorials, CleanMyMac (I ran out of space on my hard drive midway) and Paul, the Apple tech support man who helped me figure out technical difficulties at 3am.

I fell happy, I feel grateful, I feel fulfilled.

As promised- if you watched the video till the end- here’s more information on the stories covered!

Fayose vs. Zenith Bank #DasukiGates

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State was accused of having received N1.2 billion for his campaign from Dasuki (former National Security Adviser). He contradicted the accusation claiming that the funds came from friends, family and organizations such as Zenith bank. Zenith bank denied donating to his campaign. A few days later, a picture of a man kneeling in Fayose's house flooded the internet. He’s supposedly a representative of Zenith bank and he’s begging for forgiveness. It’s obvious what the picture's implying but it could have been easily staged. 🤔There are a million reasons why he could be kneeling down -- he suddenly felt the need to pray, he got tired of standing on his feet so he decided to stand on his knees -- and so on and so forth. Who’s to say which one it is?


Andela a New York based startup raised $24million from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Andela trains engineers in Africa for highly sought after technical positions. After their training, the engineers work remotely for other companies from Andela’s campuses in Lagos and Nairobi. Over the past 2 years, Andela has trained just over 200 engineers. They have a less than 1% acceptance rate at the academy. Andela intends to double its graduates over the next year. Hence, its safe to assume that a large chunk of the investment will be applied to scaling the company. Their biggest challenge according to Forbes, is maintaining the quality of engineers as they grow. But I’m sure Zuckerberg knows a thing or two about scaling a company without jeopardizing quality.

Andela’s mission is to close the gap between talent and opportunity.

NBA Championship 2016

I wasn’t rooting for either team but it’s sad that all the warriors had to do was win one game to claim their rings. This was obviously easier said than done. I can only imagine how disappointed they were. Actually we know how angry some of them felt because Ayesha Curry tweeted about it 👀 The CAVS made the comeback of a lifetime by winning 4 games in a row. Lebron James currently has 3 championship rings and Savannah, managed to stay out of all the drama 👏🏽 I like Ayesha Curry and I understand why she would get emotional about the game but at the end of the day the it’s all about the 💰💰 Winning was especially significant for the CAVS because in the past 10 years, a lot of teams in Ohio have gotten close to a championship title but never quite made it past the finish line. Lebron has pretty much started a new era of optimism and hope.


Should Britain leave the European Union or not?

Some commonly quoted arguments supporting both sides:


a) More control over laws since 50% of laws now are from the EU

b) Leaving would give way to free negotiation of global free trade deals- given that exports to the rest of the world are growing faster than exports to the EU

c) More jobs and housing for Brits; there is currently too much competition from EU immigrants


a) Britain would be a stronger economy since EU is their biggest trade partner

b) Cost of living would increase – high roaming charges within the EU, more expensive flights, diminished access to free healthcare in the EU

c) British citizens currently benefit from being able to live, work and study all over the EU with little to no restrictions

d) UK already maintains border control as a result of not being a Schengen state; Also, it's currency isn't tied to the Euro

Finalizing the Exit

According to Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon (2007) – the UK has 2 years to negotiate an exit deal. Until then the it will continue to have rights and fulfill obligations within the EU. The vote is advisory meaning it's NOT LEGALLY BINDING and could be disregarded by the government.

Effects on housing market

Due to uncertainty people will put off making big decisions e.g. buying a house. Housing market stands to witness lower transaction volumes in the short term. On one hand, uncertainty about future income means less demand for houses and therefore lower prices if supply surpasses demand. On the other hand, first time buyers will have more of an opportunity if prices decrease.

Effects on stock market

Within minutes of the final results on Friday, companies' stock prices plunged. Investors are preying on companies with major operations in the UK. It would benefit London to form new trading partnerships with major foreign partners. FTSE 250 – mid-sized british companies stock index - decreased by 12% on Friday.

* mostly claims not facts

Sources: WSJ Europe, Telegraph, Forbes

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