My Favorite Lipsticks 💋

Film Noir (SATIN) :: Ruby Woo (MATTE) :: Rebel (SATIN) :: Pink Plaid (MATTE)

When it comes to lip wear I've always been more of a lipstick than a lipgloss kinda girl. My lips are quite full and I like showing them off with bold colors, even when I'm going for a nude look. Recently, there've been all sorts of tech and formula improvements in lip wear, with lip stains, crayons, liquid lipsticks and what not. Regardless, lipsticks are my go-to because they're more pigmented, can be applied with more precision, and generally last longer than glosses and crayons.

NUDE - Every woman should have a perfect nude lipstick. It took me forever to find a shade that looked good in store and at home a couple of days later when I wanted to wear it out. After months of searching, I finally settled for this combination and it has been my "nude" lipstick since then. It is pink plaid lined with chestnut, also from MAC. It's more pink than nude but it's as nude as I'm comfortable with for now 😌

PURPLE - The color I wear when I want red but red might be too much, if you know what I mean. A dark purple almost has the same effect as a nice red to me. The color I'm wearing here is Rebel, a deep purple color which compliments a lot of skin tones.

RED- I love love love red lipstick. It doesn't matter where I'm going - the grocery store, a formal event, the club, church - I wear red lipstick everywhere. My affair with red lipstick started years ago when I took a dark red shade from my mom's makeup bag. Since then red's been my go-to. I really only wear other colors because I don't want them to feel neglected. This shade of red is the famous Ruby Woo- the magical color that looks good on everyone.

BROWN- I am a huge fan of dark, vampy shades. Film Noir which I'm wearing here is an intense brown shade. It's really creamy and goes on easily. To prevent bleeding you can use a lipliner - Nightmoth is my favorite for dark colors.

What are some of your favorite colors and lipstick brands?

P.S. I meant to write a post about my favorite lipstick shades but 96% of the lipsticks I own are from MAC. Hence, the lack of variety in this post 🙈

Thank you for reading 💋💋

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