NYC || The Big Apple + Reclaimed Vintage + Tips for Couples on Vacation

I visited NYC a few weeks ago and since then I've taken two other trips which explains why I'm just now getting to blog about the big apple.

This day's NYC tourist agenda ---> walking around the west village/Washington square park and union square. Because what's a trip to the city without visiting the alma mater?

We made our way up from the park and by the time we got to union square, I finally had enough energy to visit sephora... this was the second time I went there in 3 days, I forgot how overwhelming it could be (look out for the haul post in the next few weeks😊) My love affair with Sephora started during my freshman year in college. NYU's campus was close enough to the union square store and luckily for me I had friends who were also keen on skincare and eventually makeup. We would spend hours after lectures, trying on perfumes and buying lip scrubs we didn't need * good ol' days 😪 *

When bae and I were walking through union square on our way to the store, I spotted the lime green seating arrangement in the park. Ofcourse I had to take the photo-op. He was patient enough to take some blog worthy pictures! He wasn't as patient once I spent the first 30mins in sephora though hahah

Keep reading to find out how to deal with impatient boyfriends when shopping 😉

Tip for couples ***

1. Sephora has a men's section although it's limited to skincare and colognes. If you're in a major shopping area which you probably will be if there's a sephora around i.e. soho, union square, times square, herald square (I just realized there are a lot of squares in the city 👀👀) give your guy a break and let him take a walk or go to some of his favorite stores. He'll be thankful he doesn't have to pretend he's okay with standing around, watching you try on all shades of the anastasia beverly hills glow kit 😝 Separating is only a good idea when you guys have a bulletproof method of linking up later. I can't stress this enough. If you don't have wifi and can't get in touch with each other, have a backup plan so you don't end up missing important appointments like those at the spa and fighting with each other!!!! - the last thing you want to do on your vacation...I'm not saying this did or did not happen to us lol

2. You don't have to do everything together. When he says he has a meeting you can't attend with him, take the time out to catch up with old flings, I mean, old friends in the city 🙃

3. This is especially important for long distance couples who are reuniting on their vacation. Find a reason to get up in the morning or you might find that you've spent half of your vacation in bed watching Silicon Valley. It's not the worst thing if you're visiting a place you know pretty well, but if you're in a new city you're probably better-off sight seeing and exploring. A good reason to wake up could be something as simple as complimentary breakfast at the hotel or even a quick run depending on how energetic you feel in the morning.

About My Outfit

ASOS top

Zara skort

Nike Thea Sneakers

Ray Ban sunglasses

I love love love frilly and loose tops. I got this one months ago and had been dying to wear it ever since. I paired it here with powder blue shorts and sneakers for a casual look.

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