Naturally Beautiful Skin: Step 1/2

My skin isn't perfect but I've been asked more than couple of times by friends and strangers about my skincare routine. So here's the lowdown. This is basically it for me.

Step 1: Cleansing & Toning

After a late night out, using a wipe could be the first and only step I take before I hit the sheets. You know those nights when you're just too tired to do more? using a wipe is just the right amount of effort. One wipe usually does the trick for me. If i'm wearing heavy eye makeup i.e. layers of mascara I might need two.

Next up, I'll wash with this tea tree skin cleaning facial wash from The Body Shop. It's not necessarily my fave but it's what I'm using now. I usually like cleansers with exfoliating beads and abrasive pieces, which this facial wash doesn't have. Basically when I wash my face, I like to feel more than a mild lather. But I like the minty and cooling effect of tea tree oil in general, so this works for me.

After Cleansing, I apply a generous amount of the mattifying toner to my face and neck with a round cotton pad. If there's any makeup/dirt left, this takes it off. During the day I moisturize after cleansing and toning. At night, it depends on how my skin feels. Sometimes, toning is the last step for me at night.

Check out step 2 HERE

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