Naturally Beautiful Skin: Step 2/2

Hi guys,

This is the 2nd of a 2-part series. If you missed part 1, click HERE to read it.

Step 2: Moisturizing

Ask anyone who has lived with me. I'm obsessed with hydrated, healthy looking skin; not just my face, my whole body. Dry, flaky or ashy skin makes me cringe. So, I moisturize daily with a lot of intent.

I have a few different facial moisturizers, these are my go-to's right now.

I recently (🎤about a week ago🎤 shout out to Bobby Schmurda, is he still in jail?👀) started using Embryollise after it was recommended by my friend and I really like it. It is non - greasy but gives my skin the sheen and comfort I like. My skin can be sensitive, so I'm happy to report that this hasn't caused any problems such as breakouts.

This next product is more of a moisturizing mask than a daily moisturizer. My skin has it's days when it's super problematic (mostly when I'm not cleansing makeup properly) and other times it behaves. A lot of the masks I use when I need a deep clean do a great job of unclogging my pores, but they also leave my skin feeling drier than usual. To remedy this, I apply a small amount of the hydrating mask pictured below after cleansing and let it get to work overnight. You really only need a small amount because a little goes a long way. It has a gel-ish consistency but feels lighter than gel when applied to your skin. The result in the morning is plump hydrated happy skin 😊

Click here for a picture of what the product inside actually looks like..

Midnight Recovery concentrate is a great product. It has an amazing soothing smell which I feel helps me fall asleep easier and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. I use a few drops of it, usually in combination with the overnight hydrating masque when my skin feels dry. The result is radiant skin in the morning, every single time. FYI, you can also use the recovery concentrate on its own as a night oil for healthier skin in the morning.

As much as I have combination skin (i.e. oily in the t-zone) I like my moisturizers thick and with some oil. I've tried some oil free moisturizers like the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Moisturizer and it just didn't do anything for me. This L'Occitane Shea Butter Cream is so smooth and does exactly what it says. It provides comfort for dry skin and leaves its feeling soft.

The final result = beautiful makeup free skin! because as much as I like wearing makeup, I'd rather have a foundation free face especially in the summer🌞

That's it guys, an easy 2 step guide to clear skin. Cleanse and tone to start, then moisturize to finish. If your skin is really problematic now, don't expect to see changes overnight. But if you're consistent, you should see improvements within a week.

Have you tried any of the products here? What are some of your favorite moisturizers?

Leave a comment and let me know xx

Added September 18th, 2016

Sequel to this post going live, I got some questions about my routine, so instead of answering independently, I decided to edit the post for everyone's benefit 😊Thank you to those who asked the questions! Y'all are the real MVPs 👊🏽

1. Do your moisturizers have SPF?

Some of them do but none of my them are my go-to's . For whatever reason I don't like the consistency of moisturizers with SPF. However, because it's recommended, I bought THIS SPF from Kiehl's, which I add to my moisturizers sometimes. Honestly, I use it sparingly.

2. Do you drink a lot of water?

The answer to this one is, it depends. Sometimes I do (especially when I'm working out regularly) and other times I don't. I try my best to drink a lot of water everyday, but when I don't, there isn't a noticeable difference on my skin. So this is not a big deal for me. However, if you find that your skin feels drier than usual and nothing else has changed, you should consider increasing your water intake.

3. How often do you get facials?

Not as often as I'd like 😢 Currently, I book facials 3-4 times a year. It's funny because the estheticians always try to get me to come back 2-4 weeks after and I'm just like... calm down, let's finish this one first and we'll see when we see 😂 In between facials at the spa, I exfoliate and tone regularly (like I said in PART 1 ) and use clay and collagen masks at home.

I've been actively taking care of my skin for a while now and in that period I've learnt what works and what makes a negligible difference. Anything good takes times, so take the time out to understand what works for you, using my recommendations as a guideline.

I love hearing from you guys so feel free to keep me posted on your routine/ask any other questions!

- Chinju 🙊🙊

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