NYC || Lower East Side Walking Tour

So a facebook friend of mine, took a really pretty picture in front of a wall in the LES. Naturally, I was inclined to find that wall while I was in the city. So I asked her about the location but she didn't reply on time. She's one of those people who don't spend their lives on FB hah. Being the adventurer that I am, I set out with my camera and my partner to find the mystery wall.

The following shots happened on the way. Even though we never found the wall, we found a lot of other interesting ones. You know what they say, "the journey is the destination". And it was a very colorful journey.

Camera ☑️

Breakfast ☑️

Tour buddy ☑️

​1. Unless I'm mid conversation, you'll find me with either of the two faces..

2. Resting b*tch face --"it's not you, it's me"

3. Happy-go-lucky

4. I realize now, that the empty blue spot is the key... #tombonyc

5. Sometimes I like to stare at the camera with intense eyes

6. I also like to pretend I'm strutting down the runway

7. Obviously I'm an amateur 🐱

8. Or am I?

9. Had to take a break after walking for hours in these shoes

10. Yes, I wear bloomers. And thank God or this would have been even more embarrassing

11. Finding pretty walls in the lower east side = A day well spent

12. #MuralonMott

13. Waiting for bae to cross the street like...

13. Proof that sometimes Bae's funny. Or is he?

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