This Week's Beauty Faves

This week's beauty faves is focused on skincare; facial and for the body. I'll be sharing with you the products Ive been reaching for the most in the shower.

Skincare is very important and as we start a new week, commit to showing your skin some love by following the easy three step process, {cleanse-tone-moisturize}. For more on this step, read here and here.

Mario Badescu

I'm currently loving this Mario Badescu cleanser and toner combo. My skin has been behaving recently so this mild combination has been just enough.

A little bit of the cleanser goes a long way to form a thick lather and leave your face feeling fresh. When used over an extended period of time, it's great for reducing dark spots, congestion and fine lines. When I bought these items a few months ago I opted for the seaweed toner because i was new to the Mario Badescu brand and I feared the glycolic acid toner might irritate my skin. This seaweed toner has been a breath of fresh air. It's non-alcoholic and non drying and is perfect for sensitive skin. Some of the ingredients it contains include witch hazel (an astringent) and aloe vera extract. To use, apply a generous amount to a round cotton pad and wipe your face with it in a outward motion.

Skincare by Cora

I'm usually skeptical about trying new body lotions because I hate trying a new one only to leave the house and find it that I'm ashy.. it's actually pretty shooting .

I've had coconutty on my dresser for a few weeks now, scared to try it out. But ever since I used it the first time, it's been my go to. First of all! It smells amazing . It has a subtle sweet coconut scent. I have dry skin and I usually go for lotions that are obviously oily (unlike this one) just to make sure I'm moisturized. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the coconutty lotion which is rich but not greasy, left my skin feeling hydrated. I don't know how they did it but in making the lotion, Cora figured out the perfect mixture of ingredients. Coconutty is handmade and does not contain any preservatives, alcohol or petroleum. it is also packed with vitamins A, B12, C, D and E which help rebuild the skin and improve its elasticity. if you're looking for a an addition to a valentines' day gift or a stand alone gift, COCONUTTY is it.

It has a body wash as well. Citrus splash is another delightful product. It is packed with a blend of luxurious cleansers, herbs and flower infusions. As the name suggests it has a citrus scent. This body wash is a very effective cleaner and it's also mild enough to leave your skin feeling soft not stripped. All that's missing in my opinion is a scrub! How about that @coraactivewear! Gets yours here before they run out.

That's it guys:) I hope you' enjoyed this article. For more information on any of the products in this post, you can click the hyperlinks to be redirected.

Have a great week ahead !

- Chinju

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