Bigger Isn't Always Better...

In beauty, bigger isn't always better and I'll tell you why....

Have you ever bought something you tried on in store and loved, only to get home, try the same product and suddenly it looks different? Don't worry, you're not crazy and if you are, you're not alone. I'm telling you there's something about the lighting in the store that makes everything look better. This is where samples come in. Places like Sephora will give you samples of literally any product in the store. So, before you make a big purchase, I'd recommend taking samples and trying them at home.

However, in you're in Nigeria, where take home samples are foreign to the stores, you're next best alternative is to buy a mini size of the same product if its available. Unfortunately, most places here don't care about the customer's post purchase satisfaction so returns/exchanges are out of the question. If you buy a small size of the product and it doesn't work out, you'll be better off than if you got the full size (I know it still sucks but you have to turn it into a positive). For example, if you're stuck with a darker or lighter foundation color than your skin tone, use it as a contour cream or mix it with your moisturizer -for the darker foundation- and use it for highlighting under your eyes - for the lighter foundation-; think alternative purposes😏.

I've been using a lot of mini-sized products lately and these are my fave. Some of them I bought because I didn't want to commit to the full size and others I got as part of full-size purchases.

If you like the tropical smell of coconut, you'll love Vanille Coco. It's a combination exactly like the name suggests, vanilla + coconut. It's very sweet and can be a little overpowering; If you don't like this, use only a little bit at a time.

I got the Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh rollerball when I bought the full size. I usually go for oriental scents but this was a breath of fresh air. I wear it a lot in the spring.

The Aqua rouge lip color is great for when you want long lasting lip wear. It's also versatile because you can wear it matte which is the natural state when it dries, or you can apply the clear gloss on top for a different finish. Either way, the color will last for hours and won't leave you with dry lips.

​Last but not least is the Buxom mascara. It's not my fave because it's not waterproof, but it does what it promises to do i.e. give you big and bushy lashes.

FYI mascara is one of those beauty product you should consider getting a mini-size of. Did you know you're meant to throw out your mascara every 6 months? I don't think that's enough time to use a full-sized tube of mascara. Getting a small one reduces your chances of using a bacteria infested tube of mascara! Also the small ones come with the same brush as the normal size tubes, so don't worry about that.

Product List:

Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Vanille Coco

Marc Jacobs - Eau So Fresh

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Makeup Forever - Aqua Rouge - Waterproof Liquid Lip Colour - 10

Buxom - Vanity Lash Mascara - Big & Bushy



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