Pyjama Trend: Wearing Sleepwear as Daywear

​Some wore it loose, others wore it tailored. Whether it was silk or satin the point is, the pyjama trend was huge in 2016. It influenced the purchase of this co-ord set which I just haven’t had the time to wear until now. This leads to a point about fashion and style which i think is worth stating. It's great to be inspired by trends and all but style should be personal and a reflection of where you are in life.

A lot of fashion bloggers were happy to leave the pyjama trend in 2016 but I’m just getting started with it 😌. Truth is, this set has been buried in my suitcase for close to a year now and I finally brought it out to show you guys my take on the trend. When I think of pyjamas, I think comfortable, fuss free and sometimes sexy 😉. That's why I paired this outfit with as little jewelry as possible and a pair of simple black heels which adds a touch of class to the look. I can see how the trend was perfect for A/W’16 but not as great for the weather in Nigeria since silk doesn’t breathe easily and tends to repel water.

Pyjama Co-Ord - Missguided // Earrings - CHANEL // Necklace - ETSY

This was such a fun shoot. One good thing I'm thankful to NYSC for is one of the new friends (Lamss!) I made who is now also my photographer. I don't know what I'd have done without him but as a child of God I know it's not a coincidence that we met and bonded.

Abuja's been so hot lately😔 I was skeptical about shooting this look. In fact I had suggested we should start shooting around 5pm before Lamss said the obvious i.e. there'd barely be any sun by the time we're half way done; it usually takes us a couple hours to shoot.

We started around 4pm. Fortunately for us it wasn't too hot and the sun was on it's way out.

I've added to final cheesy picture because I want you to leave a comment below. What do you think about the pyjama trend? Was it a hit or miss? Did you ever try it or are you still thinking of giving it a go?



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