REVIEW || Nkoyo, Abuja

The other day, a couple of friends and I decided to have dinner at Nkoyo. None of us had been there before, but we'd all heard good things about it. Just so there's a structure to this review, I'll break it down to the service and then the food, and the location.

Look how excited I was going in haha little did I Know that I was in for a very special experience. ​

The Service

As soon as we walked in we were met with warm greetings and showed to our table. Initially they wanted to sit us inside but we asked to be moved to the area with more light.

Soon after we go the menu- all 3 of them! a little overwhelming, but not a red flag. About 10 mins passed and we were still looking at the menus/ chatting. The waiter finally came back to ask if we had any questions and also took the drink orders at the same time.

About 20 mins in, we finally got our drinks. I ordered a tonic water, my friend ordered a glass of pineapple juice and my other friend ordered some mixed juice drink. it wasn't packed in the restaurant, there were a lot of staff kinda just standing around and none of these drinks were complicated, so 10 minutes was a little bit of a wait.

At this time, we still had not gotten the small tray of chips which the other tables around had. ​It came about 5 minutes later from a different waiter. When he brought the drinks, the waiter brought the wrong size for one of my friends. Instead of apologizing and fixing the order he proceeded to try and convince my friend to just manage. She would have managed if this didn't mean money out of her pocket but of course it did, so she insisted that she be brought the right order.

About 10 minutes later, the now disgruntled waiter (Frank) came back with the right drink. I'd asked if if the juices were freshly made, to which he said yes. He dropped this drink on the table and left.

We'd now been at the resautrant for about 30mins, no chips to nibble on, and our food orders had not yet been taken. We thought he was going to come back for the order but we realized when he sat and took menus to another table that he had decided not to serve us anymore. We literally burst into laughter. Only in Nigeria will your waiter bring you the wrong drinks order and punish you for it by refusing to take your food order. We eventually got the attention of another much nicer waiter (Tony), who answered our questions about the menu not that we had a lot because we were starving at this point.

The food arrived about 15 mins later. So from being seated to getting our meals took about 45mins. This wouldn't be a problem if the restaurant was at capacity after all I had waited an hour for pizza the night before. But this time I was less patient because about 3 other tables had gotten their orders and were rounding up.

The Food

I ordered the seafood curry with a side of steamed rice. I wanted to try one of their lamb dishes, but they weren't serving lamb that evening. ​

​My friends ordered a grilled chicken dish and a chicken masala dish (not pictured). My seafood curry was a little bit cold, which I honestly expected and a little bland. Only after adding some salt was I able to get some taste out of it. I had about a quarter of it before I lost my appetite. Tony offered to heat it up, but at that point I had decided I would just have it to go. My friends on the other hand, enjoyed both their meals. So the food was almost worth the horrible service we had earlier in the evening.


Nkoyo's decor is very African and bamboo themed. ​​The light was dim and the had some music playing the background. I don't remember what type of music it was. They also have an open kitchen which I really liked. I'll probably go back soon for a location shoot so be on the lookout for that:)

So that's it guys. Overall I'd rate my NKOYO experience at 6/10. It would have been much lower if we didn't get a nicer waiter later on. I haven't completely written off NKOYO though. I'll probably go back in a month or two. Hopefully I'll have a more wholesome experience then.



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