Easy Way to Squash Anger when You're Upset

When you share a space and a lot of time with someone else, you're bound to have tension caused by moments of disagreements and what not. If you're not very good at resolving issues like this and you're thinking of a way to make it easier, look no further. ​

​IMO, if both parties are willing (even if they're fronting like in the picture above 🙄), there's no faster way to squash an argument than to have a meal/drinks with someone. This also works if you're going through a period of awkward silence and you want to break the ice. Don't think too hard about what to say, just share a meal😊 ​

This will work especially if the people involved are foodies. Think about it, what are the chances that you'll ask someone to try a bite of their meal and still be able to stay mad at them after?🤔 It's almost impossible. Especially when the food's great and you want to ask for more lol. There's just something about food that has the ability to reconcile and unite.

Its the same way Nigeria parents will piss you off and instead of apologizing, they'll ask "have you eaten today?" I didn't even know that I had adopted this behavior. I mean I'm not shy or too proud to say 'i'm sorry' but often times I'll also say it by offering the person food. This is such an easy tip, I'd be surprised to find that it doesn't work.

I want to hear from you guys. Is this something you've tried/do regularly? Does it work for you or nah?


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