Storytime: He blocked me

We couldn’t decide what to order and I was getting impatient. I asked him to order first since he had mentioned that he was starving, but he wouldn't. So I said he should order first or I'd leave (I was obvi looking for an excuse to leave😭. He said I can't put a sanction on him not ordering first. I don't do well when people tell me what I can and can't do. So I repeated myself. He wouldn’t order, so I said "you know what "his name", I guess I'll see you another time when you're ready to order" and I left. By the time I got downstairs he had called a couple times. I went to a different restaurant, got some lunch and went home. a few minutes later he sends a message saying "interesting , just interesting" at which point I realize, damn did I just do that ? dramatic much? so i apologize and tell him that i just wasn’t in the mood. and he said “I usually thought walking out on someone involved more drastic indiscretions".. lool at which point i apologize again. he asks for an explanation which he didn’t get. So, he blocked me!

You're probably confused, so let me back up a little.

I met this guy at the airport on my way back from the east last month. He sat at the same table as me in one of the small cafes. At first he didn’t say anything fro a while and i was relieved because i was almost certain that he would. but that didn’t last too long. He made a comment about the number of rosegold items i had in my bag, but of course he didn’t know the color 'rosegold'. so he asked if it was my fave color blah blah blah. he kept asking basic questions and i was getting bothered until i found out that his work relates to one of my recent frustrations i.e. the ease of doing business in Nigeria. Based on this, I indulged him in a conversation about how he was working to change that narrative for the better. They announced our flight and we went our separate ways. We landed and I was waiting for my luggage when he asked for my number. I have a few friends in Abuja but some of them are leaving me 😓 in the next couple of months, so i figured this is a good time to start meeting new people. That and the fact that we shared a professional common ground meant i didn't question it too much.

Fast forward to the next weekend, we had lunch. It was normal. We spoke about work. Nothing strange or forward suggesting that he's interested in me or more than a platonic friendship. I tend to eat out a lot so the next weekend when he suggested a meet up I didn't object. Keep in mind that i was in a mood before he messaged me; I didn't share this with him. This time around, he was touchy; my arms, the small of my back, my arms again.... each time he did it, it irked me a little more than the last. I get that he was trying to be cute or send me signals, but I wasn't having it.

Usually I'd be upfront about not wanting that type of attention (some would consider this unfriendly😔), but I'm working on being a nicer person and because I was already in a mood I was not sure how to tell him to stop touching without coming off as totally rude. In hindsight I should have just said it because what walking out on him like that was much worse.

I wanted to share this with you guys because not every time relationship advice and outfit post. Sometimes real life stories like this. and also this is the first time something like this has happened to me. I don't even know how to describe how if felt when he blocked me because apart from feeling bad that I wasn't better behaved I don't feel anyway about it. I was just like oh.. well that's that. Oh I forgot to add that he had waited for about 30mins before I got there, but I kept him posted and told him to go ahead and order.

BTW This occurrence has has nothing to do with PMSing.

Now's the moment of truth. What you guys think? 🙈 Did I overreact by walking out? Should I have just asked him to stop touching me even though it was probably going to make lunch super awkward? What would you have done differently?

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