Hi Guys, welcome back :) This post is jut a quick review of a makeup remover I've been reaching for a lot lately. I've been using the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm for a while now and I'm sorry I didn't do this earlier because it's really some sort of a miracle worker. I initially found it through Shirley B. Eniang. This makeup remover goes from balm to oil to milk, while dissolving even the toughest waterproof eye makeup. I use it on days when I'm too tired to use multiple cotton pads and a liquid eye remover.

The process:

- Apply a good amount of balm to the area that needs makeup removal

- Spread with finger tips (the balm should now turn to oil, given your body heat)

- Wash off (it turns to a milky liquid when water's added) or use a cotton pad to wipe it off.

- Finally, wash face with a cleanser and don't forget to tone or do a mask.

A few notes:

1. Dont worry if you have oily skin, this washes off completely and won't clog your pores.

2. It is fragrance free and non-drying

3. It's also great for sensitive skin. I've been taking for granted how sensitive my skin is because most store bought products haven't caused any irritation but I was reminded last week when I had an allergic reaction to a homemade scrub. So, if you have sensitive skin like me, YES you can use this and you don't have to worry about breaking out.

Have any of you used this? What's your take on it?



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