Staying Positive + Taking Stock Vol. 2

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back!

I hope you all had a fabulous week. Mine moved kinda crazy, it was one of those weeks where everything and nothing happened at the same time.

I've been working on a new project which I thought would've launched by now but here I am, still chasing vendors up and down and getting sub-par results. Adding to that, there were so many feels at work this week. One minute I'm having a good day, the next minute, it's going to sh*t. All in all I'm thankful; for life as it is and my support system. They're the reason I can shine like this at the end of the day ✨✨

If you had a tough week or are struggling with something you’ve been working on, these are a few things I do which you can try to help you stay positive.

1. Keep your eyes on the prize - no matter how many roadblocks I’ve hit and trust me there have been enough, I focus on the end goal and how good it'll feel to get there. You know what they say about the law of attraction; basically, think of the goal and in time you’ll get there.

2. Don’t quit, take a break - When I start working on something I’m passionate about, nothing else matters. I’m completely immersed and dedicated. I’m very results driven and when I’m not getting the desired outcome, first I change my approach and when that doesn’t work, I sometimes get discouraged. In this case, this new project is so important to me that I haven’t even considered quitting. However, if you get to that point, it’s always better to take a break and come back to it, than to quit.

3. Talk to God - don’t just talk to him but leave your worries with him. This can be easier said than done but at least try. If you think about it this way, He knows what’s best, He always has your best interest at heart and He loses sight of nothing. so keep him in the loop and believe that something good is coming your way.

On a lighter note, It's a 4 day weekend and things are definitely looking up!

The rest of this post is going to be taking stock -first edition here - of Q2 of the year which ends this month. Better late than never right. Let's get to it then 🤗

Listening to:

We Can - Kranium

Maradona - Niniola

Operate - ASTR

For Life - Runtown

Distance - Omarion

Generator - Mr. Eazi

Fall - Davido

Needing: More freedom to travel and live my baby girl life. My best friends recently moved back to the states and if I don’t go out more I’m going to be friendless in Abuja really soon😭

Cooking: Fish Peppersoup (for my fake diet lol)

Anticipating: the Wonderwoman movie. I'm finally going to see it this weekend / My dad’s book launch coming up this week. Hopefully I’ll get enough good pictures to do a post on it.

Reading: Larisa’s diary!

Sewing: a lot of new pieces. About 5 in the pipeline now. I finally found a tailor I can trust for now thanks to my homegirl Steph.

Smelling: Plum Japonais by Tom Ford. I'm pretty sure this is the most 'sophisticated' perfume I own. I got it as a gift from my dad and at first I wasn’t a huge fan because I thought it was too strong but now, it’s one of my faves. A little goes a long way and I love that it lasts all day.

Wearing: Protective hairstyles. Still growing out my natural hair and desperately praying that my edges come back. Watch out for a picture of my new hair-do on IG (@chinjunwankwo) or the next outfit post on the blog.

Feeling: uncertain. I recently got some advice and the person I was talking to basically said I should pay more attention to the things I can control as opposed to those I can’t. So here I am passing that on to you all. If there’s something on your mind, that’s out of your control, do your part and live the rest to fate.

Who else loves this dress? I can't get enough of it😍😍 It was such a hit on the gram idk when next I'm gna wear it, lol yes, I'm one of those people.

Send me a message or comment below if you'd like to get this dress or one like it!

What I'm wearing:

Dress - Custom made locally in Abuja

Heels - Schutz

Clutch - From St. Xavier

Sunglasses - Miu Miu



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