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Happy Hump Day!

Today's post is a combination of a business casual look and some business lessons I've learnt in the past few months... 3 to be exact actually.

A little background --> I started working on a new business idea which I thought I'd have launched by summer this year but here I am still running up and down with regulators and suppliers. I didn't 'think the road blocks were a big deal at first but they kept coming and things just kept being delayed.

So today, I'm going to share with you 3 things that I've learnt that are useful when starting a business, they won't stop the delays & roadblocks (sorry those are inevitable) but knowledge of these things before starting out will help you push through😌 SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM TO CONTINUE READING. ​

1. USE YOUR NETWORK. Take advantage of your network and make them work for you. Waiiit. that doesn't sound right. I don't mean force the people in your network.. you know what I mean. I'll give a very simple example and from my experience. I've been fortunate enough to meet and connect with some very talented individuals. They are lawyers, accountants, fashion designers, graphic designers and the list goes one. Between these people and their network, I can pretty much get any professional service I need in a timely and professional manner. My lawyer, photographer, web designer, brand consultant and graphic designer are all close friends who I met through high school, college and even NYSC. There are 2 main PROs of this. There's a cost advantage and also the fact that you don't have to deal with strangers whose level of professionalism is nothing to write home about.

2. ASK FOR A BREAKDOWN OF COSTS. When you're hiring someone, be upfront about their fees, and ask for a break down of the quote if it's available. I learnt this the hard way when I engaged a lawyer to file some paperwork on behalf of the company. This lawyer was recommended by a friend who's also in the same profession. Because my friend and I had a certain relationship (which meant a favorable payment plan for me), I assumed it wold be the same for the person he referred. I'm sure most of you would be smarter than I was but DON'T EVER ASSUME OR BE COY ABOUT THESE THINGS. I didn't ask about the lawyer's fees upfront and I ended up paying about 3X more than I would paid if I had just asked him about it in the first place.

3. EXPECT DELAYS. One thing I picked up in business school during the project management module was the fact that projects are almost never completed on time or under-budget. There were a few exceptions but in general this was the rule. Even though I knew this, I thought my case would be an exception. I thought it would take me 3-6 months until I was ready for my first sale but it's been 8+ months and I'm not there yet. I don't even have a full product 😂. I get closer and closer by the day but sometimes something comes up that adds-on another 6 weeks or so to the launch date. It's been really frustrating but anything worth doing is worth doing well. I'd rather spend the extra time during the conception stage, than have the business disrupted once it's up and running. Dealign with delays of this nature teaches a good lesson in patience and perseverance.

Those are the 3 thing's I've noticed for now. I'll keep note of more as they come up and I'll be sure to share them with you.

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