Will you Marry Me or Nah?

1. We arrived at Craft Gourmet, where we were apparently booked for a photo shoot sponsored by the restaurant.

2. Lou came over to say hello. We'd exchanged emails so it was nice to put a face to the name.

3. The photographer @obi_d, not to be confused with my fiancé Obi, started taking pictures. Meanwhile Obi (pictured here) had been acting weird and I was suspecting him hence the candid side-eye in this picture.

4. We moved to a different table. I thought it as because we wanted to make use of the whole space but it was actually because Obi had planned the set up against this backdrop.

5. The moment of truth...or deceit. Remember I mentioned he had been acting shady, well I felt like he was going to propose and obviously with that on my mind, I couldn't focus on the shoot. In this picture I'm confronting him. Read the full post here.

6. THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS LIFETIME. Check out my confused expression. He's convincing me that there's nothing else going on but a photoshoot and he did a great job because...

7 ...by the time he was done giving all the reasons why it wasn't a proposal, I was sold! I was happy, relaxed and ready for the rest of the shoot/dinner. Then he asked me to come with him to the car because he forgot his wallet.

Meanwhile he had given instructions on how everything had to be setup. Lou was so impressed with his attention to detail and how he marked everything out, she even showed me the messages.

8. We came back up to the restaurant and I saw everything...

9. "I knew it!..I knew you were up to something"

10. He pulls me into an embrace, tells me how much he loves me and how far we've come...

...pulls out the ring he's had for a while now (who can guess how long?)

...gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!

11. Friend's come out of hiding..

12. Tears of joy ...

13. Lots of hugs...

...someone left some lipstick on my forehead😂

... laughter

..good conversations

and great vibes.

​Thank you for a perfect evening Obi! I love you.

P.S. Read the full proposal story HERE and Why Obi felt ready for this step HERE



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