We're Engaged!

Hi my loves, welcome back to the ATTICSphere. Today's post has been long anticipated, but the wait is over.

I got engaged last week and since then I've gotten a lot of questions about how it happened and all the details.

I'm gonna be straight up. this post is long. There's an abridged version here

First things first, let me just say that I had a feeling it was going to happen. If you know your partner really well, you'll usually be able to tell when something's off. As I tell the story, I'll highlight some of the things Obi did to give it away.

About 2 weeks before the shoot

Obi mentioned that he'd need me to come to Lagos for a photoshoot. I asked who we were modeling for and why and he said he didn't want to say too much incase the people don't follow through. HIGHLIGHT #1 I thought it was weird that he wouldn't tell me even the name of this prospective sponsor but I didn't think too much of it...

...but he's not usually secretive about things like this.

Weekend before the shoot

The sunday before the week of, I asked him about it again and he said he had spoken to the establishment that day and they would send me the confirmation with details of the shoot. I kept waiting but didn't actually get an email from them for a couple of days.

3 days before the shoot

At that point I had already made up my mind that I was going to lagos that weekend with or without the shoot. Finally, I got an email from Lou, the owner of Craft Gourmet and she mentioned their plan to remodel the restaurant and she liked the pictures I posted on my blog from my last visit. So, she thought it would be good to get images of Obi and I and 2 other couples in the space before they change things up. I was so excited that they were booking my services as a blogger especially because they were paying for my flights. HIGHLIGHT #2 The initial excitement started to wear off when i thought "why would a restaurant spend money on marketing before remodeling?" ... it makes more sense to do it after.

2 days before the shoot

I got permission from my parents to go for the shoot because of course I can't just casually pack my bags and go to lagos for the weekend.

Obi and I were face timing, when he causally -or at least he thought he was being sly😂- asked "how come most of your friends aren't in the country/ decided to stay abroad" In the course of answering this, I told him who was in the country and who wasn't . HIGHLIGHT #3 its normal to talk about these things with your bf, but he hadn't really asked me about my friends in that way before and given the other suspicions I was like 'hmmmmm something's definitely cookin'🤔 . I even spoke about it to one of my friends at work and instantly she thought it sounded like he would propose, but she didn't mention it incase I hadn't caught on.

I don't know about you but I always wanted my proposal to be a COMPLETE & TOTAL SURPRISE and Obi's actually pretty good at surprises. I know because he pulled off a great one for my 21st birthday in NYC, see the YOUTUBE video HERE.

Based on the 3 highlights, I convinced myself he was up to something. I was on a mission to be surprised so I started hinting at a him the I knew/ felt he was up to something. I'd say stuff like, "I'm onto you", "you're acting weird", hoping he'd get the drift and postpone it. LMAO I even told him that i'd wear jeans and a t-shirt for the shoot. He was stressed😂.

Side note: apparently he had told people on the planning group that he could feel that I know and that I have the intuition of 3 mothers 😂😂😂 --- well at least that's a pro for the kids .

Shoot day

Friday the 25th. I got to lagos in the morning.

Side note: the whole time Lou was emailing me with details of the shoot, I was really getting messages drafted by Obi, and sent from her email. this included my ticket. Funny thing is when I got my flight reservation, I checked for traces of the email the original ticket was sent to because I felt it was actually coming from Obi. He had also mentioned that if they don't buy my ticket on time, he'd just do it 😂😂. Poor boy, he really tried to make the whole thing sound legit but I just couldn't help myself.

I met up with him and as soon as I landed. We had some time before the shoot so we caught up before getting ready. I was relentless and had a point to prove. I asked him to show me the email the restaurant sent him, of course there was no email. He said they called him, which super convenient for him. Anyway we got ready and headed to craft gourmet for the shoot.

We were running about an hour late but oddly enough he wasn't asking me to hurry. THAT'S VERY WEIRD FOR OBI. He'd usually at least keep reminding me of the time.It was like he didn't want to do anything to upset me or something.

We finally get in the car and we're at the toll gate when I saw that he was acting nervous and just being dodgy. I asked if Craft had called him and he said no. I suggested that he call and let them know we're on our way, which he didn't do.

..the whole thing was just iffy.

We get to the restaurant the photographer is there. e also made his office assistant come along with this personal camera (because he didn't want to have to wait for the professional pictures, yh right ) in my mind when he said that, I just thought that he wanted all angles of the proposal to be covered😂😂 I'm actually a case because I knew it was going to happen, and instead of me to act like I didn't know, I kept messing with him without actually saying anything

Shoot time

We get there, and the pro photographer starts taking pictures of us.

I couldn't focus on the shoot so I blurted it out 🙈. "Promise me there's nothing else happening today and this is just a shoot". "Like what?" he said. I said it's really silly and I'd feel horrible if you actually are planning that but it feels like you're about to propose to me.

Side note -- WHY THE F*** DID I SAY THAT? ! I low-key almost ruined my proposal because I ask a lot of questions but that's who I am... at the end of the day I'm happy that I let it out because even in that moment I was true to myself and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I can't imaging how he was feeling at that moment BUT he pulled it together real quick because he gave the performance of a lifetime. He basically convinced me that it was just a photoshoot for Craft. He mentioned how our parents hadn't even met (which was one of the reasons I still had doubts that he would propose so soon), he mentioned his postponed trip to be Dubai which apparently was for an item he needed for the proposal, he even acted sad, because apparently he felt like we'd been dating for too long and he was letting me down.

He literally flipped the script and had me feeling bad for him/ apologizing👏🏽👏🏽. At the end of his performance I was convinced, relaxed and ready to go on with the shoot and then dinner on the house.

A few minutes later he said he forgot something in the car and I should come with him to get it. When we came back up, I noticed that the vibe in the restaurant had different. The music had changed to emotional, mushy stuff and the lights were dimmed.

I was a little confused and then we turned the corner, I saw the setup at our table. The balloon (didn't even notice the words "Chinju will you marry me?" on it yet), flowers, cards and a gift bag on the table.

I can't explain the type and intensity of happiness I felt in that moment. I don't even know what to compare it to. The photographer @obi_d captured the moment here.

Then he took my hands, and said all the mushy things his brains could conjure at that point, got on his knees and asked me to marry him.

It was perfect. TBH the answer has been yes from the first day we met in 2012 and I declared that I would have his babies (definitely a story worth telling but I'll leave that for another day).

Remember what I said about him being a really good planner, yeah. He knew what he was doing and he knew that I'd want my closest and dearest people present.

Before I knew it, some of our closest friends came into the restaurant, including my friends from out of town. Seeing them made me so emotional and I may have even shed a few tears. Okay, I definitely shed some tears, while also asking Obi why I was crying and making it known that I never thought I'd be the type 😜.

There was nothing but love, laughter and positive vibes in the room that evening. It was so beautiful. If I could get engaged everyday, I would; but only to Obi of course💞

P.S. Obi had some things to say about getting engaged so click here to read his guest post and here for pictures from the day!

Keeping on loving



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