3 Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Hi there!

I didn't plan on sharing this look but it got a lot of stares when I wore it so I figured it was worth taking a few pictures. Unfortunately, I'm a little rusty and didn't like a lot of the shots, but here's a look at the full outfit.

On a different note, if you noticed, I've been away from social media + the blog for about a month. The work place has been crazy with a lot of changes in the pipeline, so it motivated me to devise a plan for the next few years. If you've ever done this exercise, you know it's not the easiest thing, but once you have it down the feeling of accomplishment is remarkable. Well I'm hoping it will be, since i'm not there yet hah.

One of the things I've been thinking a lot about is my personal branding. What impression do people get when they hear "Chinju Nwankwo"?. I can think of a few good things and of course some not so great. I challenge you to do the same exercise and to use the awareness that comes from the task to improve your personal brand. There are a lot of reasons why having a strong and attractive personal brand is helpful, including the fact that it could lead you to opportunities you weren't even looking for.

So, what does it take to build a personal brand? The good news is, you mostly likely already have one. It's now a question of if it sends the right message and if it's powerful enough to attract the type of attention you want in your personal, professional or business life.

- Here are 3 MAJOR KEYS to building your personal brand - with examples of how they apply to me.

1. YOU are your brand - This sounds obvious but we're constantly being flooded with what society deems as "normal" and acceptable and sometimes we forget to be ourselves. The first step to building a strong personal brand is understanding who you are, and finding creative, non-forced ways of showcasing that. While you can draw inspiration from sources you admire, don't make the mistake of imitating them. You have something different to offer the world and that's what your focus should be. Confidence is key and if you believe in your brand, others will too.

* You all know about and have read some of my relationship posts. I could speculate about other people's love lives and #relationshipgoals. But I don't. I only talk about what I've experienced and know to be true. There are a million and one young Nigerian couples out there and yet Obi and I are different. We don't try to be anyone else and our goal isn't for the next person to do that. We might make videos covering trending topics (HINT) but no one else has our relationship and that alone makes for a unique point of view*

2. Find your voice - Finding your voice is important, because your message will be what people connect with. It has to be honest and consistent. It could be the case, but this connections isn't guaranteed to happen immediately. Be patient with yourself and by all means if you need to, grow into your voice and take your audience along with you.

* When I started blogging, just over a year ago, I was doing a lot; book reviews, news recap videos LOL etc. Those are all things I'm interested in but I can't consistently put out curated content on all of them. In the process of finding my voice, I chose to focus on exploring lifestyle and relationships, 2 areas which I know I can keep up with*

3. Define your values - This includes personal, business & ethical values. Your clearly stated values could act as a reference point for people when they interact with you. They set a foundation and come with expectations which you can be held accountable for. It goes without saying that your actions should be in line with your values, this way people aren't confused and they'll be able to trust not only you but your brand as well.

*For example some of my core values are communication, commitment, honesty. These 3 things guide how I treat personal and business relationships and I expect the same in return. If you've never met me & are wondering what a conversation with me would be like, now you kinda know what to expect*

Thanks for reading!

Share in the comments section how you've built your personal brand!



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