REVIEW || Pizza-Riah Lagos

Obi and I went here for lunch after service one Sunday (God bless him for always feeding me!). He asked a friend a good place to go for pizza and this was their recommendation, so we tried it out.

We ordered # 11 POLLO. The crust was super thin and the pizza itself was pretty bland. It's like it was trying too hard to be "authentic italian pizza". It kinda reminded me of this famous pizzeria in Florence "GUSTA PIZZA" but ofoucrse that tasted way better and was actually authentic.

Babe was completely unimpressed with the food and even more annoyed because the customer service was shitty. We needed a charger for his phone and even before he finished his question, the waited already said 'NO' and hurried away.

Have you even been to an all male wait staff restaurant? That's what it was at Pizze-riah and I couldn't help but feel like that's part of why the service is so bad.


I feel like any restaurant that is till cash only in this day and age needs to put a he sign on their window or at least tell the customer before ordering . we didnt find out until after we had settled in and ordered. Thankfully we were able to do a transfer or else that would have added to the list of reasons why eating here was a fail.


starter came late after the pizza, poor customer service, bland pizza.


Don't waste your time with this one, unless you really want to try something else. We were still hungry after half a dozen wings and a full pizza, so we got Shawarma from Hubmart and it was PRETTY F***ING AMAZING.


13, Musa Yardua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Have you tried pizza-riah? was the service better and did you enjoy your experience there? Let me know in the comments below. Maybe we just had a bad day there.



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