Hi my loves,

welcome back to the blog! I hope you all had a fabulous week and are looking forward to a refreshing weekend. Today's post as the title suggests entails product reviews. Let me start by saying that this is not a sponsored post and even if it were, you can always count on my honest opinion on products that I use and share with you💞

For those of you who aren't familiar with the brand, MATTE APOTHECARY is a made in Nigeria organic skincare brand with scrubs, oils and soaps. It is a "company that prides itself in creating an artisan, all-natural product line with tangible results and a modern apothecary aesthetic" (from their website).

I had the pleasure of connecting with the founder, Onyinye and she's just so nice and down to earth. Matte started small when Onyinye started making products for friends and family at no cost to the recipients. People loved the products and she set out to monetize production and make her creations available to the public. I've known about matte apothecary for a while now and what initially attracted me to the brand is the clean packaging and their social media presence; Onyinye's experience in design guided her branding strategy. I couldn't wait to get my hands on their products but at the same time I had to wait since they're in Lagos.


I got the products around the end of August when I was in Las gidi. I ordered online, made a payment (I believe by bank transfer) and they delivered to me at the airport. The customer service was impeccable at every stage of my transaction. I was contacted and conducive arrangements were made for my delivery at an appropriate time.


I finally started using it a couple of weeks ago, but that's given me enough time to form a good opinion on them.


1. The Sugar Scrub N5,000

This is a nice exfoliating body scrub. The fragrance isn't too strong and the sugar grains aren't super abrasive. I use this in the shower after I've cleansed my skin using shower gel and a sponge. The scrub definitely leaves my skin feeling softer. If you have sensitive skin like I do (I've literally broken out after using some homemade scrubs), you don't have anything to worry about with this product.

2. The whipped smoothie N3,500

I wish this product were different only because it has the strong natural nutty smell of shea butter. This is a plus for a lot of people who are buying this shea rich smoothie for all it's natural skincare benefits and for purposes such as healing eczema and co. However I intended to use it as an everyday butter, and would've preferred something with a lighter/fresher scent.

This note, even though its simple adds a nice touch to the package. How many brands do you know have an in-house calligrapher who makes personalized notes for customers? Let me help you answer, NOT MANY. It's clear that Onyinye takes her brand and customers seriously.


When the time comes, my next purchase will most likely be the The Face & Body Oil N5000. It's a little more expensive that the whipped smoothie but I can already imagine the glow.

Have you guys tried Matte or any other made in Nigeria beauty brands? Which ones are your faves?



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