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Hi Guys,

Today's post is another restaurant review. If you remember correctly, sometime last year i did a round up of the best burgers in abuja. Well today i'm coming to you with one of my faves in Lagos, I'm not sure if its the best in town yet. One of my friends wanted to do lunch the day before I left lagos and SOUTH was one of the places she mentioned. Neither of us had been before and I was craving a burger , so I felt it was meant to be.

--- She got the cheese burger --N7000, and this is what she had to say about it ---

"The burger was great the bun was fresh, almost like a brioche bun. I'm not sure what it is but the dressing is really different and tastes delicious. The pickles...hmmmm. I usually hate pickles BUT in this burger it makes the entire bite much better; it blended in well. The two things that stand out the most are the freshness of the bun and how good the burger tastes as a whole with every full bite."

--- I on the other hand got THE FRENCH BURGER ---

When Eat drink lagos, did a review of SOUTH the burger was N7500. Still they rated it so highly so I figured it MUST be worth it. As a paying customer, I definitely noticed that the price increase one the menu to N8500. a little much for a burger but that's what i wen there for and that's what I got (I asked for the patty to be medium-well). The french is pictured below and I'll try to give the most accurate description.

Imagine a lightly seasoned thick beef patty, with an equally thick chunk of camembert, dressed with aioli, caramelized, onions, mushrooms and arugula. It was beautiful and tasted even better than it looked. However after a couple bites the cheese was too much for me so I just took it off. I really enjoyed the arugula though. I haven't had a lot of it since I moved back and it was a pleasant addition to the burger. I didn't really notice the mushrooms even though I saw them. You can't see them in this picture because they are hidden under the beef patty. Each bite of this burger was a mouthful even with out the cheese but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish they had a different way of making fries, the french fries were obviously not fresh. I think they can do much better than that.

--- Cocktails ---

prices range from N3000- N4000

LONDON BERRY BRAMBLE (fresh berries, gin, ginger beer, lemon juice) in the short glass is a sweet cocktail. It was good but there was berries stuck in the straw with every sip. They need to do something differnt with the berries to make drinking it a better and easier experience

BOURBON BERRY LEMONADE 🍋 (fresh berries, bourbon, lemon, mint, cardamom) in the mason jar (my drink)

I dont remember much about this drink. Just that it was strong without me asking for it to be strong and ofcourse I liked it. Next time i got to south i'm going to try Grow-a-pair. I love pomegranate, I'm not sure how I missed it on the menu.


I like the decor at SOUTH. it's differs from the traditional restaurant setting you'll see in most places. however they seem to be following a trend. it's industrial, a lot of wood, rustic. similar to backyard lagos, and i've heard it's also similar to Sugarcane and RSVP. i haven't been to the last two places. but even from their instagrm you'll kinda get a feel of what i mean. it's almost like they're hiring the same interior designer which isn't smart. One our way out i saw that they have a hookah lounge. i must've been so hungry when we first arrived because i walked right past it. I'm looking forward to going back soon.

Customer service

the waitress was attentive and polite . to be fair there we re lie 5 other people in the restaurant at the time when we went so i would be shocked if they weren't attentive. she took down or orders and thank she did because there are so many places here where they swear they heave an elephant's memory and then they bring the worn border to your table. The food came on time and the drink before had like we requested. she flopped at the end because she threw out half of my burger which i definitely had plans for. my friend spoke up to the manager so he promised me a free burger on my next visit.

The Verdict

South is expensive, but the food, customer service and drinks were great. it's a good option if you have so me cash to blow on a lunch date or dinner date. I wonder what the place would look like at night, especially outside with the hookah lounge/playground setting. I think the next time i go back has to be in the evening.

Thank you guys for reading xx.



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