COLLAB || Relationship Talk w/ Mandy of Style Vida

Hi guys,

It's funny how true it is that when you want something the universe conspires to bring it to you. I wanted 2018 to be a year of collaborations for me and I've already done a couple so far. This time, Amanda of Style Vida, a lifestyle blog reached out to me for a valentine's day collaborations. Instead of blabbing about my relationship, i thought it would be more useful if she asked specific questions and she agreed. Here's an excerpt from the interview....

  • How did you spice up the relationship? How did you spend time together and build something strong?

  • We didn’t do anything specific to ‘spice up’ the relationship. I believe the key to this is being with someone you have things in common with in the first place and someone who is driven and has dreams and aspirations. So for example, Obi and I are both huge on entrepreneurship, and we’re always bouncing ideas off each other. As much as we talk every single day, we’ve never really run out of what to say to each other in the past 3-5years. If there’s nothing particular to talk about, because we’re comfortable around each other, it feels normal and spending time together is always a good idea. Make sure you’re in a relationship with someone who shares your values and wants to be part of your long term vision. You’ll never run out of things to discuss and you’ll have a common ground which connects you.

  • How did you get to trust your partner? Was there any situation of jealousy and how was it handled? When I meet someone new, I tend to trust them fully until I’m given a reason not to. That was the case with Obi. I didn’t have a reason not to trust him when we started dating. In regards to jealousy, depending on what stage you’re in, and especially when most of your communication is through texts and video calls, things can get lost in translation. Situations of jealousy were handled with open communication. The first thing when someone gets jealous is to get defensive but that’s actually more hurtful than it is helpful. However, our pride gets involved so there isn’t much we can do at first. That’s fine. But I wouldn’t dwell too much in my imagination, I’d come out and ask questions without sounding accusatory.

If you'd like to, you can read the full post on Mandy's blog HERE



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