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Welcome welcome welcome! To yet another review. If this is the first time you’re reading my blog, thank you for joining us and I hope you like it enough to stick around for more. 

Today’s post is a quick review of Bottles restaurant  in Victoria Island, Lagos. For the longest time Bottles has been a Mexican restaurant and that was their focus. That’s also why I was excited to go there but when I looked through the menu, I was more excited about a sandwich than any of the tacos, quesadillas or enchiladas. It's also really well known for a happy hour type thing during the week. 

I don't regret my decision. I got the club sandwich and I would get it a 100x again. It was AHH-MA-ZING. I’ll be honest I don’t order a lot of sandwiches when I go out and that’s because they’re always mediocre. But not this one. It was flavor packed, and every bite was a delightful mouthful. The sandwich had eggs, bacon, several layers of chicken, onions(which surprisingly I loved in it), veggies and co.  I guess your standard club sandwich has all of the above but something about the way the chef at Bottles composed this work of art was impeccable.

Ambience ​

So, apparently the restaurant has been closed since december 2017 and just recently re-opend after the renovated. We went on a Sunday afternoon and the place was really quiet. Some people were still working there; touching up walls with paint and fixing lights. The decor is okay, nothing fancy. It's not how I would decorate the space if I were given the chance (there are too many colors going on) but then again I guess it's appropriate for a Tex-Mex bar &grill. Also it's good for taking insta-worhty images (with all the colors and whatnot), so that's a plus. They have a mini stage for a live band and multiple tv sets for watching games, which makes it an ideal spot for grabbing drinks and hanging out. They also have some school dining hall benches which you need to crossover in order to sit. So this is not the type of place you want to wear a miniskirt or tight dress to incase that's the only available seating. It's more casual and laid back than anything else. 

P.S. they're closed on mondays. 

So what's the verdict? It's pretty clear what direction I'm leaning in, isn’t it? Bottles is a restaurant I would visit again and again. If i lived in Lagos, there's a high chance I would be a regular customer. The food is affordable,  the club sandwich N4-N5k  and the carbonara was about the same at N4-N5k . The cocktails were cheap at N1700 a glass. I got the mexicana which  reminded me of a tequila sunrise. NOT MY FAVE  but it was alright. Next time, I’m trying their margarita☺️

If you haven't been here before and are looking for somewhere chill to go for some food and drinks, BOTTLES IS IT👌🏽 


8 Imam Agusto,

Victoria Island,


phone - 0909 000 1169

thanks for reading , 


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