My Igbo Traditional Wedding - Photo Journal

Obi looked like the Igbo man of my dreams.

We got traditionally married.

I cried, laughed, and danced with my friends.

The night ended at a peaceful lake resort.

It was a day made in heaven.


For those of you who are not familiar with the process let me break it down: at least let me break down how mine was structured. First things first, I had 3 outfits. The cream blinged out dress, the green dress and the burgundy skirt and blouse with gele.

While I was doing my makeup, Obi and his crew of handsome (mostly single) men arrived. I got dressed quickly, so I'd have enough time for pictures before it was time for me to come out.


The purpose of this was to greet the visitors. So I danced out with my beautiful girls dressed like traditional igbo maidens in plain george and beads. We greeted the elders and all the guests before heading back to the house. When I got into the house, Obi came in to take pictures with me before I had to change. He got some with my mom as well:)


This was in the green dress. We danced in again and I headed straight to my parents. When my father started blessing me (the tears came rushing down my face. you can see from the video here). Anyway he pulled through, blessed me thoroughly and then blessed the palm wine, which he gave me to give it to my husband. My girls,, who had already spotted were Obi was hiding, led me to him. I knelt before him, had a sip of the wine and handed him the cup. He drank it up, put some cash in the cup and I led him to my parents. This time, my father blessed the both of us before Obi took me to his family. Keep in mind that the wine carrying and the blessing from my the families is the main traditional marriage rite. So at this point we were officially married. Typically this is when most couples start dancing and sit at their stage, but my father, being who he is (the eternal creative and always intentional about everything he does) took us to greet my grandparents (both deceased) at their graves sites. We came back into the house for more pictures before I changed into my third outfit.

p.s. Don't mind my runny makeup and smudged black eye liner. Weddings are for crying anyway :P


LOL I don't think this one should count as an outing. By the time I changed into the 3rd outfit it was around 6:30pm and a lot of people had already left. The ceremony was technically over. However, my family, my friends, my husband and the dj were still around. There were drinks and there was food so as long as I was concerned the wedding was still on. Obi changed into a different outfit, now we were both wearing burgundy. We danced, ate and drank with our friends and then we headed out for the night. Traditionally, a man has to take his wife from her parents house to seal the deal. Even though not everyone believes it's necessary for the girl to go to her husband village that same day for different reasons, others still frown upon it.

Date: August 11th, 2018

Location: Imo State

Obi's instagram:

Don't forget to watch our videos HERE ---> CHINJUOBI ON YOUTUBE HERE

Thank you soooo much for the love and all your prayers.




aka Mrs. Nwankwo-Udora

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