What To Eat in Lagos this December

Soi 13 was apparently created when a restaurant changed ownership and was divided into soi 13 (Asian fusion ), public house (Mexican) and shams. I had dinner at Soi 13 this past week and this is a quick review of the menu items i tried. We were a large group so we got a lot of starters


Vegetable spring rolls – I actually liked this. It was crispy and the veggies were fresh (non soggy)

Shrimp cocktail – MAD!!! Order this is you like shrimps

Chicken satay – I enjoyed this but mostly because the peanut sauce was really good

Mushroom in tamarind sauce – literally never tasted anything like this before, it was everything!



Beef quesadilla – not bad but the beef could have been softer. the pico de gallo they served with it was the right amount of sweet and savory. it was delicious. (from Public House)

Special fried rice with pineapple – super basic. Lack the punch I was expecting

Stir fried chicken – was very tasty and a lot spicier (chilli wise) than I expected. I enjoyed it though. Not too spicy that I had to drink water after but spicy enough to notice it.

it seems like these guys have a knack for making sauces.


they had 2 options banana spring roll and brownies. then we found out they ran out of brownies so we ordered the banana spring rolls.

verdict - not my fave. its basically a spring roll with a banana instead of veggies or protein. It tasted like they used overripe bananas. They served it with ice cream which tasted like the new school fan ice.

Post dinner, i was already thinking of more food and the number of places i have not tried in Lagos. so i spent some time on East Drink Lagos's blog and i am determined to change that. Honestly at this point I’m will to risk it all i.e. my bonus to make my belly happy. Are you with me?'

If you're with me and you'll be in Lagos this holiday season here’s a list of places to keep you busy and the particular items I want to try.

Disclaimer: I have not been to any of these places yet.

  1. Casa Lydia (Ikoyi) – I would get the seafood pasta (Saw a picture on Hadiza's IG and fammm, I need to try it)

  2. Cactus (VI) - Tortellini truffle bake because EDL said so and I loooove truffle oil in pasta. First time I tried it was during my study abroad in Italy. There’s a famous truffle gnocchi dish at the Osteria Santo Spirito. (I probably had it at least once every other week). If you’re in Florence you have to go here and you need to order this!

  3. Peppercorn avenue (Lekki) – I’m most surprised to see that this place even exists. The review on EDL is from 2017 so I was convinced that it would have closed done by now which is why I never saw or heard of it. Lo and behold I searched on google and it's still open. Obi and I are definitely going here! Thai and Indian are 2 of his fave cuisines and this place makes both. Even though EDL recommends that their Indian menu is better than the Thai.

  4. Z Kitchen (VI) – the pulled shirt rib lasagna. Do I really need to justify why this sounds like a good idea? I think not. BTW the ribs here are beef not pork.

Who else noticed that this list is mostly pasta? LMAO I evidently have no shame. I love my pastas, burgers and milkshakes. Basically, anything fattening. I honestly also love a good salad but can’t justify the prices of most of them in Lagos because ill still be hungry after wards.


The EDL food festival is coming up on the 26th and 27th of December. Catch me there doing some damage on the 26th! I love that Nosa and Folly or their team I don't know how it works have uploaded the menus and prices of all the vendors. You can basically plan your menu before you go and of course everything is subject to availability on the day.THE VENDOR LINEUP for #eatdrinkfestival.

None of this is sponsored guys. I’m just excited about all the food I’m going to eat and I had to share with you.

P.S. I’m sending this post to hubby and my foodie friends as soon as I hit publish. Do the same and maybe we’ll run into each other at one of these places.

love & light,


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