Review || Pattaya Lagos

I'm writing this post as a warning and hoping that someone who wants to go try Pattaya might find it and get some insight beforehand. I don't want you to be blinsighted like I was. This is also for the management, if they're interested in improving their business.

My expereince at Pattaya was super mediocre. I felt really bad about it because I chose the restaurant and it turned out to be horrible. The food was bleh, the service was slow even though the restaurant was pretty much empty. And it was not "Cheap".

when something is as mediocre as this expereince was, i'm tempted to not even go into it.

The pictures look good but don't be deceived.

Ribs - N3,300

Steamed Fish - N3,300

Coconut Rice - N3,300

Deep Fried Fish - N3,300

Fried Rice - 4,300

Sweet Corn Cou- N1,600

Red Curry (Duck) - N3,800

Steamed Jasmine Rice - N1,250

Water - N350

Ocean Beach Cocktail - N6,500

On the bright side we had some laughs with daddy teasing the waiter and commenting on the poor lack of service and attention even though there were like 2 other poeple in the restaurant.

Have you eaten at Pattaya before? I'm they've had their good times. but the quality is poor.

Love & Light,


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