How to Make The Most Out of 2019

They say you can’t have it all,but I DO ( I mean i want it al, not have it all :P).

- Work is great, I’m learning, getting feedback, and growing

- COL Fragrances sales are up! thanks to everyone who orders and shares reviews + pictures.

- But the ATTICS blog is just "doing like this, like this" (skip to 46 secs) - watch the full clip at your own expense: )

Attics was started in 2016 for my self and it's been that way. You guys caught on and so did a few brands as my following grew. Now you guys actually demand content and I don't blame you but sometimes it's not also feasible to get it when you want. I was fine to post every week until other things happened including life as we know it. As a result, this has taken a back seat and I hate it.

I love creating, I love sharing images and I love writing. So why don’t I do it more often? Because I currently suck at managing my time. So much of it goes into work (obviously) and the rest is probably used at a 30 % efficiency rate.

Enough is enough as we enter a new month.

From now on I'm following these 3 steps to help me turn things around:

  1. include blog content in my weekly to do’s even if its just planning a post or putting together an outfit

  2. general life hack - stop saying “I’m tired”. Instead i’ll use positive and energizing words to help me stay focused

  3. focus on creating for my self, the things I want to talk about and that I want to share with whoever is reading. It's mostly light m and other times its deep, but somehow I'll find the courage.

These beautiful images were taken by my new friend Mike @onyekamphotography on IG.

Love & Light,


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