Cook With Me: Spaghetti Jollof with Minced meat


Today's post as you can tell from the title is about food. I made this super easy pasta recipe which I got from my friend and it was DE-LI-CIIIII-IOUS. So of course I had to share with you.

Ingredients list:

Tomatoes (12 pieces)

Pepper (5 pieces

Garlic (4 cloves)

Onions (one big bulb)

Spaghetti (a whole pack 464g)

vegetable cooking oil (as needed)

Spices (thyme, salt, pepper, dried ginger, dried garlic, pepper, black pepper, stock cubes ,

Here's the recipe and a video to follow:

  1. Cut onions in 2 (dice 1/2 of it and save 1/2 to be blended later)

  2. Cut pepper and garlic

  3. Sauté diced onions, pepper and garlic in pan with cooking oil

  4. Add minced meat to the pan from #3. Allow meat to brown

  5. Add spices to the meat while browning - some pepper, salt and perhaps stock cube

  6. Seasoning can also be done to your own taste - make the recipe yours

  7. While meat is browning make your TOMATO MIX by blending tomatoes, pepper, garlic and the remaining 1/2 bulb of onion from #1

  8. Remove the browned meat from the pan and set aside for later

  9. Add tomato mix to the frying pan and fry. Add more oil if needed

  10. Add spices to the tomato mix while frying (thyme, curry, ginger, garlic, black pepper)

  11. The tomato mix is fried when the oil separates as shown in the video (8:09mins)

  12. Once the tomato mix is fried, add the minced meat from #8 to the pot


If you've been frying in a frying pan, you can move the fried tomato mix to a pot, because the rest of the recipe will be made in a pot

  1. Now you should have the fried tomato mix and browned minced meat in a pot

  2. Add some water to the pot (I started with 2 cups)

  3. Add your pasta to the pot

  4. Taste the mix to check the seasoning level

  5. Check periodically to make sure the pasta does not burn add more water as needed. I ended up using 5-6 cups of water

  6. When the pasta is almost done cooking, add the vegetables. I used frozen mixed veggies and they needed to cook for only about 5 mins.


Cooking time: 45 mins - 1 hour


Check seasoning every time you add more water.


Thanks for stopping by, have a FA-BU-LOUS day.



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