diy indian healing clay FACIAL mask (sensitive skin friendly)

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I have a huge tub of Aztec Secret - Indian healing clay mask which is greatly underutilized because I have sensitive skin and the minute I put it on my face there's an uncomfortable tingling sensation. The last time I used it, it actually cracked my skin in multiple places; I've taken a break from it since then. Truth is ----- I can't ignore the AHMAZING reviews, everyone claims it works wonders--- so I did a quick search and found a way to tweak the recipe for my skin. I added a teaspoon of HONEY to the mixture and it made all the difference. I used only about a capful of the apple cider vinegar. Keep reading for full but short instructions on how to make the mask.


Honey - 1 teaspoon (MUST FOR SENSITIVE SKIN )

Apple code vinegar - Shop here

Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay - Shop Here

Water - enough to mix it all together

The only thing about this variation of the mask is that the honey extends the drying time. Do not use this mask if you're in a hurry. I REPEAT, DO NOT USE THIS MASK IF YOU'RE LATE AND YOUR HUSBAND IS DOWNSTAIRS WAITING FOR YOU.

I had a lot of time when I used this mask as part of a facial routine. It took about 45mins in an air-conditioned room to dry. I really like this make because it left my skin feeling, clean, moisturized and supple. I am never doing a healing clay facial mask without honey again.

Happy masking ladies!

For a full facial routine - CLICK HERE

Love & Light


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